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Penrose Condominium Floor Plan


36 Innovative Layouts For 1 To 4 Bedroom Units



Penrose Condominium Floor Plan



Penrose Condo Floor Plan showcases our collection of luxurious units ranging  from 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom. NovaSims Developement places a high priority on designing for the well-being of every resident. Meticulous and careful consideration are taken for every layout so as to offer optimal enjoyment and comfort for our residents. Through innovative design and use of space, Penrose strives to provide a diverse set of layouts to cater to the needs of both individual residents and families.


Penrose Condo Floor Plan portfolio comprises 9 major types of layout namely 1-bedroom, 1-bedroom with study, 2-bedroom, 2-bedroom premium, 2-bedroom premium with study, 3-bedroom, 3-bedroom premium, 3-bedroom premium with study and 4-bedroom. About 50% of the units are dedicated to 3-bedroom layouts while approximately 30% are 2-bedroom configurations.




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Penrose Condo Floor Plan - 1 Bedroom

The 1-bedroom units range from 473sqft to 561 sqft. They are designed with an open kitchen. The layout is one of the most practical and functional in today’s 1-bedroom category.


Penrose has 2 unit-type of 1 + Study unit, 560sqft and 570 sqft.


Penrose developer understands there is always a strong demand for 2- and 3- bedroom units in this area to cater for  the younger couples, investors as well as HDB upgraders. Hence, the supply of 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms make up 30% and 48% of the whole Penrose development.

Penrose Condo Floor Plan - 2 Bedroom

3 layouts have been specially designed for the 2-bedroom unit – standard 2-bedroom, 2-bedroom premium unit and 2-bedroom + study unit.

Sharp-eyed buyers would have noticed there is minimal entryway to maximize space. You get the immediate view of your living room whenever you step into your lovely home. Thoughtful dumbbell layout for maximum privacy since both rooms are separated by the living room in the middle. This layout is most suitable for tenants who do not mind sharing living room but still can retreat to their own private spaces.

Spacious kitchen countertop and storage spaces. Gracious glass panel lets in more light to fill up your culinary space. Besides appliances from Electrolux, this unit also features a double-sink, which is an unexpected and rare feature for 2-bedroom segment in today’s market.

Penrose Condo Floor Plan - 3 Bedroom

Nearly half of the unit mix is dedicated to 3-bedroom units (282 out of 566) with the smallest at 936 sqft.

For the 3-bedroom premiun unit, it is equipped with additional room with window for live-in helper. On top of this extra feature, there is also a bomb-shelter.


For those who enjoy outdoor spaces will appreciate the spacious balcony where there is enough room for a coffee table and outdoor chairs.


With its rectangular shaped layout, it will be easy for future renovation if there is such need.


Both common and master bedroom come with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Penrose Condo Floor Plan - 4 Bedroom

At 1389 sqft, Penrose’s 4-bedroom unit comes with a welcome foyer that gives you an expansive view of the entire residence. Equipped with an array of Electrolux appliances and double sink, avid cooks will love the vast space in kitchen hall. Plenty of storage space can be found in the utility room and bomb shelter. If you like afresco dining, the spacious balcony will not let you down. Almost every room in this unit can be considered ensuite since there is common bathroom straddling between 2 common rooms.In other words, a Jack-and-Jill bathroom.




Penrose Condominium Virtual Tour



Enjoy an immersive 360 Penrose virtual tour of our exclusive range of luxurious homes. Every Penrose home is designed to offer generous, comfortable, living space. Every interior is passionately crafted and furnished with premium fittings, appliances and smart home technology. Penrose residents will enjoy the ample space and the flexibility of living, working and entertaining at home. Penrose condo is truly contemporary homes for the modern privileged life.


Estimated Monthly Maintenance Charges

Share ValueFloor Area (m2)No of UnitsUnit TypeMaintenance Charges per Month
(subject to GST)
544 to 4857(1)a, (1)a1, (1)b, (1)b1, (1)c1, (1)d1$ 276.50
652 to 99383(1+1)a1, (1+1)b1, (2)a, (2)a1,
(2)b, (2P)a, (2P)a1, (2P)b, (2P)b1,
(2P)c, (2+1)a, (2+1)b, (3)a, (3)a1,
(3)b, (3)b1, (3)c, (3)d, (3)d1, (3)e,
(3Y)b, (3Y)b1, (3Y)c, (3Y)c1, (3Y)d (3Y)e, (3)f, (3)f1
$ 331.80
7102 to 130126(3Y)a, (3Y)a1, (3+1)a, (3+1)a1,
(3+1)b, (3+1)b1, (3+1)c, (3+1)c1,
(4)a, (4)a1, (4)b, (4)b1
$ 387.10


Very affordable and reasonable fees for such a huge development.

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