Penrose Condo at Sims Drive District 14 by Hong Leong & CDL

Penrose Condo Floor Plan

Penrose Condo Floor Plan showcases our collection of luxurious units ranging  from 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom. NovaSims Developement places a high priority on designing for the well-being of every resident. Meticulous and careful consideration are taken for every layout so as to offer optimal enjoyment and comfort for our residents. Through innovative design and use of space, Penrose strives to provide a diverse set of layouts to cater to the needs of both individual residents and families.

Penrose Condo Floor Plan portfolio comprises 9 major types of layout namely 1-bedroom, 1-bedroom with study, 2-bedroom, 2-bedroom premium, 2-bedroom premium with study, 3-bedroom, 3-bedroom premium, 3-bedroom premium with study and 4-bedroom. About 50% of the units are dedicated to 3-bedroom layouts while approximately 30% are 2-bedroom configurations.

Click Your Preferred Bedroom Configuration And Size:

Penrose Condo Floor Plan - 1 Bedroom

Penrose Condo Floor Plan - 2 Bedroom

Penrose Condo Floor Plan - 3 Bedroom

Penrose Condo Floor Plan - 4 Bedroom

Estimated Monthly Maintenance Charges

Share ValueFloor Area (m2)No of UnitsUnit TypeMaintenance Charges per Month
(subject to GST)
544 to 4857(1)a, (1)a1, (1)b, (1)b1, (1)c1, (1)d1$ 276.50
652 to 99383(1+1)a1, (1+1)b1, (2)a, (2)a1,
(2)b, (2P)a, (2P)a1, (2P)b, (2P)b1,
(2P)c, (2+1)a, (2+1)b, (3)a, (3)a1,
(3)b, (3)b1, (3)c, (3)d, (3)d1, (3)e,
(3Y)b, (3Y)b1, (3Y)c, (3Y)c1, (3Y)d (3Y)e, (3)f, (3)f1
$ 331.80
7102 to 130126(3Y)a, (3Y)a1, (3+1)a, (3+1)a1,
(3+1)b, (3+1)b1, (3+1)c, (3+1)c1,
(4)a, (4)a1, (4)b, (4)b1
$ 387.10
Very affordable and reasonable fees for such a huge development.
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