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Penrose Condo Latest Price List


Looking at Penrose condo price of a 3-bedroom unit at Penrose starting at a mere S$1420+ per square foot (psf) is an irresistible entry price for a Rest of Central Region (RCR) development. In fact, the one-bedroom unit price starts from a quantum of S$788,000, making Penrose one of the most affordable condominium at entry level. As mentioned earlier, remember the 3 critical factors for any property investment – Location, Entry Price and Capital Appreciation.


For your easy references, we have summarised Penrose condo’s most recent transacted selling price below. For price information of actual units still available for sale, please contact us at +65 61008833.


Recent Transacted Prices & Available Balance Units (21 August 2021)



Penrose Condo - August 2021 Price Transaction

Penrose Condo - August 2021 Price By Bedrooms

Penrose Condo - August 2021 Price By Block

Penrose Condo - August 2021 Price By Type

Penrose Condo - August 2021 Balance Units By Type

Penrose Condo - August 2021 Balance Units By Floor Plans

Penrose Condo - August 2021 Balance Units By Bedrooms


The Balance Units Chart displayed here for Penrose are for reference purposes only. Unit availability is subject to change from time to time without prior notice. This webpage cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions and/or dispute.

Penrose - Elevation Chart Blocl Details



Price Comparison with Neighbouring Condo


A good benchmark for price comparison is Sims Urban Oasis, located just beside Penrose Condo. This 1024-unit condo, completed in 2017, was developed by First Changi Development Pte Ltd. For the months of January and March 2018, transacted prices (rounded to the nearest decimal place) at Sims Urban Oasis are as follow


DateLevelUnit Area(sqft)Price(S$ psf)Price(S$)
2018-02-19 8144214342068300
2018-02-12 2103315381589300
2018-02-06 1495813911332700
2018-02-03 18118413951651600
2018-02-03 8103315621613800
2018-02-03 4103315341585100
2018-02-03 5103315401590900
2018-02-03 3103315441595100
2018-02-03 6103315451596600
2018-02-03 7103315511602300
2018-01-21 14103315671619100
2018-01-20 18132413521789500
2018-01-18 18132413551794000
2018-01-17 6144214152040600
2018-01-14 17103315961649400
2018-01-12 13103315601612300
2018-01-09 16103315901642600

Penrose vs Sims Urban Oasis Price Comparison

(S$ psf)
(S$ psf)
(S$ psf)
(S$ psf pm)
(S$ psf pm)
(S$ psf pm)
SIMS URBAN OASIS20171400154016992.534.125.563.2


*Prices and rentals are based on data in the past 6 months from Dec 2020.







No two properties are identical. All price information on this page are meant only as a guide, to give you a feel of new condo prices in the vicinity of Penrose. They are not meant to be and should never be taken as “investment advise” and/or “recommendation” to buy Penrose and/or any other property.

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